Distinctive Design

What we do

  • Architectural Design
  • New Construction
  • Remodeling
  • Restorations
  • Green Design
  • Green Construction
  • Home Design Consulting
  • Home Construction Consulting

What we Design & Build

  • Timber Frame Homes
  • Post & Beam Homes
  • Log Homes
  • Hybrid Homes
  • Rustic Element Homes
  • Cedar Homes
  • Wood Homes
  • Arts & Crafts Homes
  • Bungalows
  • Conventional Homes With Character
  • Cottages
  • Waterfront Homes
  • Cabins
  • Vacation Homes
  • Resort Homes
  • Natural Setting Homes
  • Retirement Homes
  • View Homes
  • Mountain Homes
  • Hunting Cabins
  • Barn Style Homes

INNOVATION: Our Artisan Craft Homes Advantage System allows you to pick one or any combination of the services above to tailor our services with your budget. A new way of looking at Home Design and Construction.

Why Artisan Craft Homes?



Definitions: Websters
Exceptional = 1. Better than average 2. Deviating from the norm
Value = 1. A fair return or equivalent in goods, services or money for something exchanged

$ X 1 = Artisan Craft Homes = Architect + Builder + Interior Designer + Landscape Design + Engineer


$ X 5 = The Traditional Home Construction Approach = Home Owner Hires

$1 Architect +
$1 Builder +
$1 Interior Designer +
$1 Landscape Designer +
$1 Engineer

Simply Stated: We Make Home Design and Construction more affordable

We have all the trades required to Design and Build the Home of your Dreams within our company, you get more service for your dollar. The Traditional approach requires a Home Owner to Hire all of the disciplines independently or hire a Builder and the Builder hires the other Disciplines or worse yet, the Builder tries to act as the other disciplines without the creativity, training or experience to do so.

Why use Artisan Craft Homes?


  • The Architect and Builder are one person, so you benefit from the same level of design services at every stage of the process
  • We offer complete Design Services: Home design, Site & Landscape design, Exterior details and Outdoor Living Environments, Interior details, Built-ins, Lighting & Color selections
  • Design experience in: Timber Frame, Log, Post & Beam, Rustic look and traditional "stick built" homes
  • We start with the site and the lifestyle of the client


  • Design does not stop at the start of construction. We are able to make design modifications as the project progresses in a very economical way with no time delays
  • We have a construction process that keeps you informed, in control of the budget with on-time scheduling that provides predictable milestones during the build process
  • We have a dedicated team of skilled craftsman, carpenters and finish detail professionals
  • We use an ongoing communication system that informs you at every stage in a non-stressful manner, one that keeps the process fun and predictable


Troy graduated from the University of Michigan in 1991, with a Masters of Architecture degree. He has owned Artisan Craft Homes for over 10 years, developing his skills and love for natural and casual wood homes that makes your everyday life a vacation retreat.